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Facilitating the delivery of high-quality and comprehensive medical care in general practice.

WeKoGP Solution

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In the waiting room

Patients answer simple questions about their health needs and concerns prior to their consultation, capturing key health concerns for their GP.

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The GP receives a clear patient-driven consultation plan, along with any identified chronic disease risks-accessible during patient review. GPs can quickly set a consultation plan, ensuring all the patients expectations are met.

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During and Post Consultation

If anything cannot be attended to, or chronic disease management is required, a follow-up appointment can effortlessly be set. Best of all, the information seamlessly integrates with major practice management software systems.


What you can expect from WeKoGP

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Empowered Patients

Evidence based improved patient experiences greater understanding and collaboration in health decisions.

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Targeted Prevention

Improved chronic disease management. Proprietary systems identifying risk of type 2 diabetes, mental illness, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and suicide ideation.

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Alleviated Time Pressures

GPs reported an average time saving of 1 minute and 30 seconds per consultation, freeing time during the consultation to build rapport and trust.

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Increased revenue

Simplifying the management of chronic conditions, increasing consultation efficiency, and helping GPs to deliver comprehensive care.

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  • Empowers Consumers
  • Supports GPs
  • Reduces Admin Burden
  • Assists with early detection of chronic disease

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