Deliver more care in less time

Clinicians are time poor and don’t always have enough time to ask all of the important questions. WeKo helps you ask these questions to deliver critical patient insights and to ensuring no health concerns are missed.

WeKo Doctor

Optimise Revenue per Patient

Through WeKo’s seamless digital touch points across the patient journey, many additional missed opportunities are identified. These additional opportunities are identified across your current patient population. Highlighting the need for an ECG, Hb1c blood tests, chronic disease or mental health care plans.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Reduce unnecessary data entry by digitally onboarding new patients and keeping your existing patient’s records up-to-date. WeKo engages patients throughout the onboarding process and beyond to capture all key demographic information along with a full medical and social history. For your existing patients, WeKo will proactively engage them to update key information to ensure your patient’s information is current without any additional workload or data entry for you admin team. Through WeKo’s digital consents, you can effortlessly pre-screen and gather signed consent prior to immunisations, vaccinations and procedures from your patients.

Improve Health Outcomes via Digital Touchpoints

WeKo digitally engages your patients across their whole health care journey. This allows WeKo to enrich their patient profile and highlight missed opportunities.

The WeKo Family

“So easy to use, I don’t know why more GPs are not using it.”

Dr Rachel Maclachlan (GP @ MyHealth Foxwell Road)

“No stress on reception. It all happens automatically with capturing consents and patient information.”

Anthea Blower (Practice Manager @ Hope Island Medical Centre)

"It was so easy getting to complete the diabetes form.”

Patient from MyHealth Coomera

Why Choose WeKo?

WeKo is Australian owned and operated. The WeKo platform has been created for GP practices to increase overall viability, reduce admin burden and improve your patients experience. At WeKo, our team cares, providing highly personable service with a strong focus on high-quality service. We are here to serve you, so you can better serve your community. We developed WeKo with the belief that, by making it easier for patients to connect and engage with their healthcare, we could transform the patient experience for both the patient and their care teams.

What does it cost?

The WeKo platform has a variety of different packages to meet your needs. Our digital new patient registration solution is free for all medical practices. Our Time Saver package is $25/GP and our Optimise package is $45/GP. For custom or enterprise packages, please contact us.

How do I launch WeKo across my organisation?

Launching WeKo across your organisation is easy. We've broken it down into a 3 step process.

  1. Integration into your existing clinical software
  2. Configure your settings (this is done with a WeKo team member)
  3. Turn your WeKo services on

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